For a small consulting company our capacity is almost boundless. We are associated with some of the most capable law enforcement consultants in the country. They have all had tremendous careers and come equipped with industry expertise that just can't be matched.

Take a peek at Bob's resume to get a sense of the kind of engagements that we've been pleased to perform.                                   


Bobcat Consulting is a unique police practices firm. We provide technical assistance to law enforcement agencies in any number of administrative and management activities. We help develop strategic plans, department re-organizations and audits of policies and practices. 

Several clients have come to us for help in a variety of departmental and/or police-community relations issues and we've been able to assemble teams of experienced law enforcement professionals who were both extremely knowledgeable and a joy to work with.



Bob doesn't take on very many cases and is very selective about taking those that are squarely within his expertise.  

A listing of Bob's cases can be found in his resume. The most notable are Mora v. Arpaio and Melendres V. Arpaio.                 

He has participated in several hiring and retention cases, most have been civil rights cases involving racial profiling.          

If its a case that Bob doesn't believe that he should handle, he's always more than willing to help you with an expert who can probably help you.