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Contemporary Police Administration Series

Our classes in this series provide police managers with practical skills that broaden the base of the duties that they perform. We provide a full slate of the most important police administration topics for supervisors and managers. We also offer proactive tools to better prepare police managers for 21st Century Community Policing. These courses are specially designed for the next generation of police leaders.

Supervisor Survival

Bobcat Training has designed topics specifically for the recently promoted or soon to be promoted supervisor to help them transition into their new roles. This is the most important step in the police leader's career and we understand the importance of getting it right.

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Commander's Retreat

Police Management and Administration for the experienced police leader. We have created a series of management topics that we believe are the most important to supervisor and manager success. We have purposely not included managerial courses that are readily available elsewhere and have focused on areas that develop stronger police leaders. Our philosophy is to tie our career development topics directly to the managerial functions actually performed in the field. Our simulated exercises in our Mock Assessment Center are grounded in the same management theory and practice presented in our classes.

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Transformational Police Leadership

Bobcat Training addresses the most pressing issues confronting police managers today – building trust with the communities that they serve. Many of our topics were created by the Community Oriented Policing Strategies (COPS) office at the U.S. Department of Justice. Our topics reflect the Three Pillars of Community Policing: Partnerships, Problem Solving and Organizational Transformation. We know how to breathe life into community policing planning. While police departments are working their way through the most recent research and findings about community policing, including the work being done by the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing, we believe that governments and communities can benefit from knowing what those findings are and how law enforcement agencies plan to implement them. It is essential that their community partners are grounded in the same understanding and beliefs so that they might better fulfill their roles in the partnerships.


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