interactive group training, polling and facilitating


Audience Response System

With the Meridia E-Z Vote Pro Audience Response System, every participant can interact with the presentation and respond, in real time, to questions, discussions,video simulations or surveys.

Bobcat Training Specialty Courses

We are currently updating several of our foundation offerings to include more audience inclusion and participation. Check here to follow our progress. We'll list all of our interactive courses on this page.

Policing with Our Community

Policing with our Community was developed with the audience response system in mind. Through a series of interactive exercises based on the President's Task Force Report on 21st Century Policing, sworn police officers and the community stakeholders that they serve, participate in community engagement, trust building activities led by a seasoned and experienced facilitator.

Bias - Free Policing

Our menu of topics has always included modules on procedural justice, implicit bias, human diversity and democratic policing for officers, supervisors and command staff. We are rebuilding several of those modules to take advantage of the interactive keypads.

A Full Menu of Interactive Services

In addition to our own work, we're available for testing, polling and facilitated interactive activities and would love to discuss your ideas with you. 

We would love to engage your command staff in your department's retreat or strategic planning events. Keep us in mind.

Assessment Center Preparation

The individual mock assessment center is at the top of our career development suite of activities but we've made the class more exciting by allowing participants to choose from a menu of alternative decisions in the training exercises.