Law Enforcement Officers (LEO's)

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Career Builder

Bobcat Training works with industrial psychologists who bring their expertise to the development of human resource tools to public safety ranks for local, state and federal government. Our Career Builder Classes and Mock Assessment Center prepare the candidate for every possible type of oral board, promotional interview, structured oral interview or assessment center. Our Introduction to the Promotion Process is FREE. Our Improving Promotion Process Performance and Assessment Center Simulations prepare our candidates for any promotion process that they might ever encounter.

Simulated Interviews and Mock Assessment Center

An Assessment Center is a process used in private industry and governmental agencies for the purpose of determining which persons have the potential to assume higher levels of managerial and administrative responsibility. We use the Mock Assessment Center and Simulated Interviews to sharpen your skills and prepare you for promotion processes to come. Our Mock Assessment Center takes place over a two day weekend. We provide participants with a video recording of each exercise. The recordings are reviewed with an experienced coach who gives feedback and tips on improving performance. It's our belief that if we prepare our participants for assessment center exercises they will perform better in all kinds of promotional process activities.

Tomorrow's Police Chief

We round out our career development platform with a class devoted to those wishing to become Tomorrow's Police Chiefs or other law enforcement executives. We identify the sources of job announcements, detail the process of applying and give tips on presenting your resume. Current and former chiefs offer helpful guidance on the candidate process including negotiations, compensation and benefits. We also offer simulated police chief interviews and public "meet the chief candidates" forums.



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