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Government and community leaders all have a vested interest in the performance of their police agencies. They also have important roles to play in the evolution of community policing. Bobcat Training, through our Community Policing Leadership Series, also facilitate community based workshops designed to inform neighborhoods of the best police – community partnerships and agency practices that improve transparency and mutual trust while reducing crime.

The Community Policing Leadership Workshop is where we place the "community" into community policing. Bobcat workshops are created for police and community leaders to discuss ways in which to build better bonds while also improving crime reduction strategies.

Our Transformational Police Leader topics provide a platform from which we launch our workshopsand move community policing from the theoretical to the practical. These topics reflect the Three Pillars of Community Policing: Partnerships, Problem Solving and Organizational Transformation.

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We know how to breathe life into community policing planning. While police departments are working their way through the most recent research and findings about community policing, including the work being done by the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing, we believe that governments and communities can benefit most by understanding the plans to implement them. It is essential that our community partners are grounded in the same understanding and beliefs so that they might better fulfill their roles in the partnership.

We would very much like to reach through your associations, organizations and networks to reach other public and community leaders who are also interested in being nationally recognized communities advancing improved police – community relationships.

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