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Our mission is to provide our clients with the knowledge and tools to help them move up the career ladder, and in doing so, build the best departments. Bobcat Training specializes in assisting individual officers achieve a more successful and rewarding career while offering a broad range of workshops and services across the spectrum of better policing.

Law Enforcement Officers – LEO's

Give us a day or a weekend and we will give you the opportunity to realize your career ambitions. The Bobcat Training Career Builder helps turn officers and corporals into sergeants, and sergeants into lieutenants. Our Introduction to the Promotion Process is FREE! Our Improving Promotion Process Performance and Assessment Center Simulations prepare our candidates for any promotion process that they might ever encounter. 


If you have just put on stripes or are about to, our Supervisor Survival was developed just for you. Whether you have stripes, railroad tracks or eagles, Contemporary Police Administration will show you how to make more of, and to get more out of, your assignments. Transformational Leadership is specially created for the police managers and administrators who are implementing community policing strategies. So you want to be a Chief? We want to help you become Tomorrow's Police Chief.

Police Chiefs

Police chiefs we have your backs. We'll help you and your entire management team to be more efficient and effective each and every day. The Contemporary Police Administration and Management Series is designed for everyone from your newest sergeants to your most senior command staff members. In our Community Policing Leadership Series, we offer proactive tools to better prepare for 21st Century Community Policing. Our training reflects the best material produced by the COPS Office. 

Public and Community Leaders

Government and community leaders all have a vested interest in the performance of their police agencies. They also have important roles to play in the evolution of community policing. Bobcat Training, through our Community Policing Leadership Series, also facilitate community based workshops designed to inform neighborhoods of the best police – community partnerships and agency practices that improve transparency and mutual trust while reducing crime. We can show you how "protect and serve" can become not only a motto but a way of doing business.

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